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Grant Stinnett is a man with a dream.  A dream to move the world through music.  He will stop at nothing to pursue this dream until the end of his days. If he never achieves his goal of touching the world then at least he will have made something unspeakably beautiful, and he would have made his family proud for doing the best he could with the time he had.

Grant Stinnett started his music pursuit at the age of 15, with the single minded desire to become one of the world’s greatest solo electric bass players. Grant learned music from his father Jim Stinnett who was a professor at Berklee Collage of Music, and spent the next 12 years of his life devoted to practicing his instrument 5-8 hours a day with the dream of becoming the best. During this period of musical growth and dedication Grant was invited to tour internationally multiple times as a solo instrumentalist, as well as perform at numerous international festivals and teach clinics at several music universities around the globe. Over 25 CDs have been released with Grant’s contributions playing a major role as musician and producer. Grant’s solo bass videos have gained him substantial internet popularity, having gone viral and being viewed by millions.

In 2016 Grant decided to switch up his musical world however, and start playing acoustic guitar and singing. “I realized I wanted to appeal to a much larger audience than the world of solo electric bass would allow. So I thought if I can get really good at one instrument, why shouldn’t I be able to do that again with another instrument that reaches a larger audience?” says Grant. Now Grant is aggressively pursuing a touring career as a contemporary singer- songwriter. In 2017 Grant released his first EP with this new musical persona called “Reaching For The Dream”

Recent performances have included quintessential venues in the North East of America from The Sinclair - Cambridge MA, to Rockwood Music Hall - NYC, to Tupelo Music Hall - NH, and Harvester Performance Ctr - VA, along with numerous other profile venues along the east coast. Now Grant’s goal current is to imitate Ed Sheeran’s fiery drive when he was a start-up musician and book 300 shows a year for the next 4 years straight.


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