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"I grew up in the forests of NH and spent 12 years of my life practicing music 6-8 hours a day in the attempt to become the best in the world. Then at 26 I decided to change instruments and genres entirely.  I went from a world class solo electric bassist to a beginner singer/songwriter. It was a deep lesson in humility and was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  But in the end it has deepened me personally and musically. Fortunately this time around it took a lot less time to get good. During all this time I had also secretly harbored a deep love of cinematic music, but never had an outlet for this style.  Then a couple years later I discovered that modern technology and innovation had made it possible to compose masterworks of orchestral music and have them performed by the best musicians alive, all while never leaving your bedroom.  I soon became obsessed with creating oceans of sound, and worlds of sonic texture.  Now I combine the musicality I learned as a solo bassist with the abilities I've gained as a singer/songwriter and mash those together with contemporary electronic styles and cinematic orchestral composition.  I have sacrificed much to the pursuit of musical excellence and it has taken my lifetime to get me where I am now.  We'll see where I go next. Maybe the best is yet to come." -Grant

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